Autumn notes from the desert. 📝 🐪 Dubai.

This year I am going to miss the enchanting fall in New York…, and in Japan.
I won’t be able to wear my warm knits
🧶 and cozy woven mufflers of mustard and teal either!🧣🧤
And as I walk through the park with a warm cuppa cinnamon latte, I won’t be able to hear the crunching sounds of dried leaves
🍂 coming from underneath my soggy boots.👢🌲🌦
I won’t be able to sit by a fireplace in the hotel lobby, deliberately ignoring the chatty strangers seated in the couch next to me, but rather trying to revel in the joys of the crackling sound made by the fire burning.
How do I persuade myself from enjoying the Berrr
🌨❄️🍂 months without collecting any dried maple leaves which stays inside the pages of my old notebooks forever and without collecting any apple or pumpkin spiced candles from all of my fave autumnal stop-offs? 📖🍎🕯
While I was sitting back, vividly reminiscing about my favorite fall moments, it allowed me to create my own gentle nook of old pinecones and chestnuts.
I am now pretending that it is pouring outside
☔️ and I am also playing some sweet autumn notes 🎶 to let the imaginary autumnal breeze sway me away into my fantasyland, once again. 💬
~Seden~ ^ – ^

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