Brief notes from the Hills |Days of wonder💭

04/2019 | Lachung, Sikkim.

A small brook babbles next to this rustic wooden cottage.

It sounds like a symphony,

It’s pace gentle, yet steady.

A small kitchen garden in the backyard,

And a Rhododendron tree in full bloom,

Perhaps, standing by as a safeguard ?

As the cows moo,

The grandma in the neighborhood sew.

As the hilly myna sang,

The bells in the monastery rang.

I sit by this tiny window, freshly painted in white,

Facing towards the majestic mountains.,

Oh! What a wonderful sight.

I could sit here all day,

Sipping my cuppa souja,

Whisked with yak butter &

Fall into reverie until moonlight.

Seden. 🏔🌺🍃

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