The story behind every reviving cuppa… πŸƒ

Temi tea garden, South Sikkim.

The tea-pluckers wakes up before the break of dawn,

And heads off to the bright green luscious garden to lay their hands on. πŸƒ

Their task is to tweak, the finest silver tips.

And if bumped into an average bud,

They usually do skip.

Sometimes under the scorching Himalayan sun, β˜€οΈ

And sometimes amidst the low clouds and misty fogs.🌧

They exert every effort,

Just to let the world enjoy that magical rare cup. 🍡

As their hand woven bamboo basket gets heavier by the end of the day,

They are now slowly making their way, to get their baskets weighed.

If plucked beyond their daily limits,

They earn themselves a little perk.

If otherwise, they just head back to their homes and wake up again the next day,

to the break of dawn.

Temi or Ceylon,

That’s how the life of a tea plucker goes on,

While the river Teesta flows on….!

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