Flowers & sunshine… ✨

Pic courtesy : My mother.

She’s known betrayal, yet her heart won’t stop loving.

She’s known pain, yet her lips won’t stop smiling.

She very well knows that this world isn’t fair, yet she won’t stop believing.

She’s been judged everyday, yet she stays kind., kinder than ever…!!

She’s not only pretty…, but to me, She’s rather Beautiful, Powerful, Passionate and Resilient.

She’s a fighter, a survivor and most of all, capable and equal of all the things that the world thinks she’s not.

She’s a woman!

A woman of strength, perseverance and tremendous courage.🌷🌸🌼🌺🥀🌹🌻

[Dedicated to all my lovelies out there and to all the men and women who advertently or inadvertently empower women tribe]. ❤️

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