My Sweet little moments🌿 🌼 🍵

Underneath the mellow October sun,

My heart is humming a song of gratitude.

Oh! So thankful, for the bird’s sweetest notes,

And for the cool breeze’s gentle attitude.

A radiant contrast of rich green leaves and a bright blue sky,

Perhaps, even finer when a yellow butterfly flies by.

I can hear the giggles and chuckles of children playing nearby,

It is making me reminisce my own childhood days,

So precious and beautiful, without a Wi- fi.

Nature, i believe is one of the greatest blessings,

Especially for those who wish to slow down a bit and stop stressing.

For nature does not promise a cure,

Rather, it helps refresh your soul!

Onigiri 🍙 (rice balls) with umeboshi (pickled plums) and bonito flakes. Some miso chicken karaage and green veggies with cold barley tea. 😋

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