She lingered in the blue, green hills & valleys, amidst the misty fogs and the warm sunshine. πŸŒ²πŸ”πŸ‘

As I enter into the green Himalayan woods, I am elated with joy and delight.

I keep the windows down and close my eyes,

Facing towards the chilly wind,

For the fragrance of our beloved pines, is my most favorite.

As we drive uphill through the endless curves,

I can hear the sweet hilly birdies., singing.

Some.. chirping by the roadside,

And some.. cheering on from the cool emerald green forests.

Perhaps, I can almost hear them tweeting – Welcome home! Welcome home!

That particular moment, is one of the most euphoric and blissful moments of my life!

Despite the exasperating bumps and jolts of a typical Himalayan track,

Which sometimes..feels like a roller coaster ride in Neverland.

Eventually, after hours of being on the road..filled with nostalgia,

I finally catch a sight of an old rusted signboard which says β€œRabong 2100m” painted in dusty blue and white.

And that’s the moment when my heart starts fluttering like a butterfly and my eyes.. a bit sheeny, with tears of excitement.

After all, I am soon going to hug my sweet old folks, who means the world to me,

And once again relive all my treasured childhood memories. 🌿

Tibetan settlement area. (Aa-lay)
(View from the rooftop).

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