Amla’s (Mother’s) tales.🌾

Every morning, she wakes up before the rooster’s cock-a-doodle do.

She quickly braids her long shiny black hair and slips into her old jaded kho. (a traditional dress worn by Sikkimese women).

She then quietly walks into her old rustic kitchen and makes fire in a thaap. ( a wood fire stove made out of mud and bricks).

While the other sleepy members of the house are finally waking up to the morning birdsong;

The sweet aroma of souja (tea) and khu (bread) motivates them to jump out of bed with much zeal..and hurry along.

And before they get started with their customary drudgery,

They sit together as usual and relish their yummy buttery breakkie.

A mother and daughter performing a strenuous traditional activity which requires a great deal of pounding rice in a wooden mortar and repetitive winnowing, which finally turns into a yummy rice snack when fried and best enjoyed with a warm cuppa tea.

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