If you’re happy within, you’re happy anywhere. 🌤

This picture was taken a year ago and so much has changed since then…

I wonder what was I thinking during this particular moment?

Was I happier then, than I am now? Was I much curious then, than I am now? Was I fretting over the same little things that I fret over today? Was I much eager then..to learn new things, than I am today?

As each year passes by, I feel that we as individuals only grow much wiser. I feel we become more aware of the things around us, we also become more forbearing when it comes to things that cannot be changed. Although I am perfectly aware of the fact that not everyone feels that way, yet as an optimist, I’d like to believe that we are all growing in our own special ways, getting stronger, kinder and most of all, more accepting.

[Talking about the picture above]

One fine morning, while I was in deep sleep inside our warm cozy tent that we’d set up the night before, my husband wakes me up a bit impatiently, asking me to freshen up and come by the lake side. When I got there I was awestruck by how still the water stood in that beautiful lake under the bright morning sun. Along with the stillness of the lake, we stood there quietly with much appreciation and the cool breeze gently..blowing across our face. These very little mercies from Jesus, Allah, Buddha and everything that we believe in, is probably one of the greatest gift or a blessing rather, to keep us going… especially for those who are busy struggling to find that special something in this materialistic world that we’ve created for ourselves.

Personally, I believe that we don’t necessarily need to travel somewhere far or go beyond our limits and comfort to find that tranquility. Perhaps, even with our daily mundane routine, we can still adjourn from our regular errands and create some room for these simple yet precious moments like eating a piece of cake from your favorite cafe, a nice warm snuggle with your furry pet, a homemade piping hot pizza, a sweet long phone call with a close pal who knows how to bring out the silliness in you, a selfie session full of mad filters with your eccentric grandparents, a quick tea or coffee break in the afternoon with some choco chip cookies, digging into your old memory box to find some old letters from your friends, playing foolishly with the waves by the sea shore, making funny faces to a cute lil’ baby in the supermarket, a warm nourishing bowl of soup on a cold winter night, and the list goes on…..!

We humans are so good at grumbling over all the things in the world and focusing on others which blinds us from seeing the littlest brightest pleasures of what life has to offer.

In fact, it is absolutely human to be vulnerable but there is no harm in trying to love ourselves a little more each passing day & help our imperfect self to be more accepting and appreciate the things around us more than ever., because that makes all the difference, and it certainly makes our monotonous lives a lil’ more merrier.

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