Opening my heart with everyday life lessons. 🌤

Walking down the memory lane with sunbeam falling across my window. 🖊 📄 🍓

While I was growing up, there lived a man in the neighborhood, who was probably in his 80s. He was living in a tiny ramshackle hut built with discarded tin barrels, old rusted tires and it almost looked like it would crumble down any minute. 🏔

On Sundays, my mother would pack lunch 🍛 for him and I would cheerfully deliver it to him, gently knocking on his little wrecked door. 🚪 Even though decades have passed, I distinctly remember his gracious smile, his wrinkled face like that of a walnut’s shell and a dusty grey beanie, which he always wore. Never did he fail to compliment me, sometimes on my bright pink ribbon, 🎀 hanging on my long braided hair and at times, on my red knit cap during the fall. 🍂

One day when I went to drop his meal, he asked me in his rugged slow paced yet calming voiceWhat would you like to become when you grow up sweetie”? I hesitated for a while and said “ A movie star ” with a little grin. ( although in retrospect, I now wonder what was I thinking then..) ⭐️😌Nonetheless, while I was expecting him to laugh, he gave me a warm smile instead and said to me “ How wonderful! I would love to see you on the telly 📺 someday if I’m still alive. Do not forget this poor old man when you become famous hey! Good luck darling”. ☘️

Although it was quite dull and murky that particular day, I made my way back home with a feeling of acceptance, hopefulness and in a buoyant mood. And this clearly, wasn’t about me ‘becoming’ or not ‘becoming’ who I wanted to be during that particular moment. Rather, it was an organic positive outcome to how he had reciprocated to a little girl’s dream, whether it was small or big, attainable or unattainable. 👧🏻 ⭐️

Many a times, (especially in a simple small town like mine) we often tend to judge a person and at times even laugh at them, when we find their dreams and desires a little too big and way beyond our grasps. Not realizing the fact that how a small little judgment or an utterance made intentionally or unintentionally, could leave a mark on their self confidence and morale, especially when they’re still dreaming, growing, and most essentially, when they’re learning to be themselves. 🌱

At this moment, when I think of this poor old man..yet rich at heart, I am amazed by his beautiful essence that radiated through him and today, it certainly does convey a message of nothing other than genuine compassion. His gentle and gracious persona, emanates in me a sense of kindness and the beauty of accepting who you are and letting others just be.. who they want to be. 🌈

I believe, being kind and compassionate is not only about helping others physically but it’s also about our actions and behavior towards others, towards the strangers we come across every single day, the way we treat our friends and families and most importantly, the way we treat our own selves. 🤍

Cus at the end of the day,

by loving, sharing, and receiving,

we all become a little warmer, brighter and happier,

Don’t we? 🌼

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