Reminiscence 💭

As another mundane day passes by, I put everything away and grab open a new pack of this classic TWG tea given to me by a dear friend. 🥰 As I open the packet, I was welcomed with a pleasant waft of sweet ripe berries and warm caramel notes with a gentle suggestion of spice..quite pleasant. 🌾

🐰 I tear open the wrapping…and there was this beautifully hand sewn cotton tea bag with ample room for the tea leaves 🍃 to dance during the infusion 🫖 ..waiting for me to help revive and bring out all the hidden aromas and nuances it had stored since it was last picked. 🍃🌺🍒🍓🫐

I usually like my tea pretty straight forward & rarely do I find myself picking up a blended sweet flowery/fruity tea, but to my surprise, I am here.. already making merry with this well balanced blend of summer fruits and flowers from Bermuda Triangle with the right addition of Black tea’s strength.
😋 Oh! And the lingering aftertaste of anise is definitely an icing on the cake. 🥳

Friendships, good tea and not-so perfect homemade apple pies., My life certainly is prosperous,
for all that matter is the littlest of things around you..Isn’t it?

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