What dreams are truly made of? 🎐

What is your dream career?

10 years ago, my answer to this question, certainly would’ve been different.

Most of my life, I’ve lived speeding and chasing after those dreams I once thought would fulfill me, trying to achieve all that I thought would bring me contentment and possibly some sort of acceptance and recognition in the society. As a self concious timid teenager, I would go out of my comfort zone to level up the expectations of my teachers and my parents. I would try to fit into a certain circle just to feel accepted & not to be left out alone. And during exams, when my scores would just be average, I deemed myself as somebody less intelligent, not aware of the fact that I was crashing my own self- esteem and morale.

When 20s happened, all of a sudden there was so much more to run after – big dreams, making money, new friendships, falling in love, heartbreaks, broken friendships, working beyond your capacity and jeopardizing your health, keeping up with toxic working environment, not maintaining a balanced diet, poor sleep patterns and I could go on….! While such experiences in life can leave a huge impact on our lives, I think choosing between – regretting or taking it as a lesson, the choice is “ours” to make. Despite the din on the past thoughts and images that floods our brain constantly, I now try to look at it with great courage & let everything remain there, in the past.. where it belongs. I make sure to thank myself for surviving such a journey, and for managing to stay sane all this while, yet still retaining the space for trust, love and respect for others, for everything around me and also for myself. Regardless of what occurred in the past, I shall always be grateful to all those people in my life, who once mattered.. and to those who still do, cus all those encounters and events contributed and led me to where I am today. 🌱

At this moment, my dream career is undoubtedly dissimilar to that of what I was inclined towards years ago. It is actually..very simple today.

Every morning, I want to see myself waking up with gratitude in my heart, grateful for all that I have, for where I am and who I am today, for all the unembellished yet meaningful things that enriches my life. My dream career today, is to have this freedom to be “myself”, and while that could mean “happy”, it could also mean being “vulnerable” too. Sometimes being that way and letting yourself un- shield, accepting every broken and flawed parts of you and emerging out of it stronger, big hearted and well intentioned can be one of the most transforming experiences. Today, I feel really comfortable being the way I am, or the way I look, (even with an acne prone skin) the things that I do, and most importantly, the people that I chose to surround myself with. At this point in my life, I no longer seek for validation from anybody, to be accepted or to fit the mold. While life experiences surely does teach and train us a lot, I believe, in addition to that, it is also our own will and effort, to look beyond and further, with much wonder, to learn about our surroundings and to hear people’s stories, (not necessarily through others but through the person herself/ himself) and by keeping our minds open for new ideas, respecting the differences and looking at this world not only from our point of view but also through their lenses as well. 🌿

If you’re a person who has enjoyed reading my previous blogs, by now you must be aware of the fact that I’m a huge advocate for slow living, mindfulness and self care. My writings are mostly about things like slowing down, but it doesn’t necessarily mean day dreaming all of the time, rather, it is a little nudge that you need to give yourself, time and again, to pause a lil’, to breathe a lil’, to treat not only yourself but also those around you with care and respect and for that matter, even the things that you have in your life. As a matter of fact, the way we carry ourselves, the way we handle things, the way we treat others, the way we talk about somebody else.. particularly when they’re not around, such little actions itself exhibits one’s true core isn’t it? 🎋

One of the best things about being present in the moment is that, it draws your awareness into something more than just that lies in front of you, be it an object, a place or a person. Not only that, but it also sends warnings to our brains before we start becoming opinionated and judgmental about others and ourselves. In this digital era, where everyone exhibits their lives through social media’s exciting reels and perfect posts, so well captioned with borrowed quotes of kindness, light and compassion. (While this does not apply for all) I feel that such genuine virtues and ethical synonyms are ofttimes overused and some.. quite ill suited too. In this world where everyone speaks of sunshine, light and rainbows, there’s a handful of them who really are one themselves and it is crucial that we recognize and cherish them.

Whether you are running towards your dreams, or maybe trying to figure out one, no matter what juncture of life you are in, I truly believe that a “friend” is a fundamental prerequisite, not only to sustain this arduous journey, but also to thrive. A “Friend” can come in many forms, it could be your family, your spouse, your childhood friend, your cousin, your pet, your colleague. And many a times, most especially during those troubled hours when we tend to feel slightly disoriented and cluttered, we seek for help and comfort outside, from another person, or things externally. While we are very well familiar of the fact that we are our own biggest critics, little do we realize that we are also or could possibly be one of our truest oldest friend. The only trouble is that, we have to make a lil’ effort, to pay more attention and that small act of tuning in benevolently with our inner self might as well turn out to be hugely beneficial, mostly for someone who is seeking for true meaningful friendships/relationships, because once we acknowledge & start to value our own lives, we are bound to naturally cultivate kindness and love for others around us. 🌼

Self- love and self acceptance, truly has been one of the most reviving rituals that I try to incorporate into my daily life, besides all the little mindful practices like yoga, tea and journaling etc. Living in one the the world’s fastest growing city, the shiny glossy tall sky scrapers and its glamour still does not seem to excite me much. While I do appreciate the comfort and conveinience of living in a modern city, I still find myself yearning for clear blue skies, mountains, small brooks and all those magical humbling experiences that comes by being in nature. With time, I’ve created my own cozy nook, teamed up with my wonderful partner/my best friend, where I spend a lot of time, learning, creating, lazying and practicing all those things, both old and new, that I am passionate about and I couldn’t be any happier than this. Of course with every new learning comes a whole new set of challenges and there are days when I feel like giving up, but like Ruskin Bond once said ” Adversity is always intermittent; and therefore , if your effort is constant, you are bound to win”. Dare I say this, but I think I am now.. finally living my dream carreer, trying to accept all the odds, learning, being patient, messing up and getting right back up. 🌷

Lastly, to everyone who made it till here, thank you for your time. May you have the bright spirit and the ability to perceive your dreams. May you stop chasing them and start living them now. 💝

Even for a short period, leave your worries by the shore line and let your bare feet through the sand & allow the nature work it’s magic. 🐾

Love, Sed. 🤍

One thought on “What dreams are truly made of? 🎐

  1. 𝙰𝚖𝚊𝚣𝚒𝚗𝚐 ! 𝙺𝚞𝚍𝚍𝚘𝚜! 𝙶𝚘𝚍 𝚋𝚕𝚎𝚜𝚜 ✨.

    On Sat, Mar 26, 2022, 1:46 AM teapotsandnotebooks wrote:

    > SedenB Watanabe posted: ”  What is your dream career? 10 years ago, my > answer to this question, certainly would’ve been different. Most of my > life, I’ve lived speeding and chasing after those dreams I once thought > would fulfill me, trying to achieve all that I tho” >


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