My white canvas. 🎨 ☁️

Too many dreams, too many wishes;

Too many endeavors and never ending quest.

Long adventure’s list and many books to read ~ yet very little time. ⏳

Today and everyday of my life, I am so grateful for waking up with a healthy mind and body. While there are days when I’m not at my best and I tend to forget this warm feeling of thankfulness but every time I sit down for a cup of mindful tea, just really sipping and enjoying every nuances and the goodness it has to offer, it has never – even for once, failed to nourish me with calm, positivity and light. 🌼

When I start recording a reel like this, I am never fully present in the moment in attempt to make it look all neat and attractive. But once I’m done recording, I put my phone away, brew another round and just try to ground myself in the lull of the moment. 🎋 The quiet time allows me to centre myself, guiding me gently to what I’m trying to pursue further & appreciate the things around me and this ethereal drink that’s in my cup. And most of all, the kind hearts and hands of those who have worked in the background, to bring this beautiful brew into our cups. 🍃

And now, this reminds me to introduce you all, to this unique tea that has been my sweet companion for today. It’s a Vietnamese Black Fairy Tea. 🧚🏼‍♀️ Yes! Fairy tea… you read that right. 🥰 Grown in the northern mountains of Vietnam, this tea is called “Fairy tea” and is made from very old wild tea trees (Assamica ) in the deep forests of Chieu Lau Thi mountain which lies at an altitude of 6,562 – 7,874 feet high, making it very difficult to pluck the tea leaves.

The locals in the village believe that only fairies can pick the teas from that difficult terrain. 🏔Therefore, the name “Fairy tea”. Old legends like these are always quite fascinating to entice our imagination and stirs up our mundane tea experience, sprinkling it with a teeny bit of faerie dust and a dash of enchantment, if you’re a fantasy enthusiast like me. 🥰🧚🏼‍♀️🪄

The wild tea leaves are only picked during spring in two weeks and then processed in the small manufacturing unit. This tea is so smooth and well rounded, you surely can say a lot about the quality of the tea by the way it makes you feel. 🍵 🥰

Good true tea, a book that you adore, a handful bunch of loving friends and family, a strong drive to chase your aspiration and working on it quietly yet enduringly, even when the road ahead of you looks like a long arduous one is what makes my life whole and purposeful.🎐

Life surely is short and oh! this time so precious. All I can do is make the most out of this moment, do all the things that I can with great passion and enthusiasm & never stop dreaming ~ never ever!! Isn’t it? 🥰

Sending you all encouragement for anything small or big that you’re trying to accomplish and also gentle tea reminders as always. 💕🌈 With love xxx

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